Agreement Words In Spanish

Whether you agree with something that has been said or vehemently contradict yourself, here are lists of Spanish words you can use. If you feel like you`ve mastered Spanish adjective correspondence and are doing something more demanding, try creating a few more complex sentences with the structures listed below. Once again, we are in “Yo… Group, but as I led with a negative, “Yo tampoco” and “Yo sí” are the options available. “Yo tampoco” would express approval negatively and “Yo sí” would make it an affirmative. Again, this is your choice, based on what`s right for you. “Yo no” and “Yo también” are both out in this case. This goes for adjectives, most of them are what we say “quality words” or “descriptive words”, like words that say something is of a certain color, someone has a certain quality, etc. .