Apple Remote Desktop License Agreement

I can`t say what you mean by “5 support users” and “1 task-server.” However, the licensing agreement is quite clear. Customers will receive a certificate authorizing the use of the software for the number of licenses purchased. Once your Apple Remote Desktop 3 volume license order is complete, you`ll receive a licensed content code purchased through your volume license agreement. To exchange your software, your authorized employees or users must log in with an Apple ID and password provided by your organization, business or institution. Their use of content codes and exchanged software is subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the Mac App Store ( and related licensing agreements. Check out the software licensing agreements for the current shipment of Apple products by selecting the corresponding product below. Zoho holds all rights, titles and interests on and on licensed software. Zoho expressly reserves all rights that are not granted to you, regardless of the right to cease or not to publish software licensed and to change the prices, functions, specifications, features, features, licensing conditions, publication dates, general availability or features of the software granted. Licensed software is only allowed and is not sold to you by Zoho. Existing customer, but haven`t you activated your customer portal yet? Click here to request the activation link. After activation, you`ll have access to all the upgrade options for your current license.

But you`ll probably want to take a look at how you`ve licensed all of Apple software here; how many Apple identifiers are used and for what. Which software is purchased from which license. Here`s a decent and very general intro: macos – Manage Apple devices for small businesses – Ask Different, and you`ll almost certainly head to the Volume Buying Program (VPP) and making VPP available and direct you to more direct discussions with Apple business people. In addition to all the other terms of this contract, you cannot (i) install a copy of the licensed software on more than one processor; (ii) remove any mention of copyright, trademark or other title to the software or its copies; (iii) make copies, with the exception of a backup or archiving copy, for temporary emergency purposes; (iv) rent, rent, license, sub-concede or distribute the software or part of the software conceded on either part of your application; (v) modify or improve the software conceded; (vi) to use the licensed software in a computer service activity, or to publicly display the visual output of the licensed software or to use the licensed software for the benefit of another person or organization; (vii) reverse engineering, decompilation or dismantling of the software conceded; or (viii) allow third parties to access, use or support the software. In recent weeks with the release of ARD Admin 3.8 Apple has converted all the old serial numbers n-A version (as it has done with Aperture and other programs in the past) when you run Yosemite. For more details, click here: Apple`s new remote desktop app allows network distribution of apple and/or third-party patches and updates. A dedicated task server allows you to plan software installations and updates while tracking systems that have received deployments and updates. “Use” refers to the registration, search, installation, execution or display of licensed software in accordance with the license you have obtained. Under no circumstances will Zoho be liable to you or others for any particular, indirect, indirect, punishable or consecutive or related damages, loss of earnings, interruption or loss of business information resulting from the use or inability to use the program or any other party, even if Zoho has been informed of the possibility of such damage.