Bangalore Airport Concession Agreement

July 2004, the concession contract with Bangalore International Airport Co (BIACL), which allows it to build, own and operate the Devanahalli Airport, under construction, for an initial period of 30 years. It is possible to extend the contract for a further period of 30 years. At a time when work on the second terminal is underway, it is an exaggeration to think that BIAL will accept. Who would want to part with the revenue after investing in the second terminal? Instead, the government should improve service to BIAL airport by subway, suburb, dedicated link between the city and the airport (Indian Railways). It is the failure of successive governments not to provide it so far, when they knew very well that BIAL was the airport of the future. The state cabinet on Thursday decided to extend the concession contract with Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) for another 30 years by adding a clause allowing the company to also operate HAL Airport. The new airport will be able to handle 11 million passengers per year. The expanded project consists of a terminal with 8 passenger decks, 1 two-arm Aerobridge, 9 remote-controlled bus doors, a 4000 m long runway with an efficient rolling track system, an aprons with 42 C-code stands (including 8 contact points) and an air and ground road system. This includes enough parking spaces, as well as the necessary outbuildings. The aviation fuel facility, cargo warehouses, air catering kitchens and aircraft maintenance hangars are built by selected service providers.

This project will cost approximately 1930 crores, which equates to about US$430 million.