Canada Michigan Crossing Agreement

21. To this end, transportation agencies of each legal order have begun to explore both short- and medium-term solutions for existing crossing points and to participate in a coordinated Canada-U.S.-Michigan-Ontario approach to identify and evaluate improvements to cross-border infrastructure in the region, with a focus on the long-term studies needed to support this work. The work of each of these initiatives is described in more detail below. 34. In June 2005, 15 alternative river crossings, 13 Canadian alternative control sites and a wide range of possible road links with Highway 401 were identified as options (“illustrative alternatives”). Footnote 47 “Canada has assumed financial responsibility for the project and any money spent by Michigan will be reimbursed by Canada,” the Court of Appeal said. “While some Michigan funds could be used in the short term, Michigan funds will ultimately not be spent under the crossing agreement.” 24. In September 2002, a joint management committee (JMC) was established to consult with the public and stakeholders and identify infrastructure projects that could improve existing border crossings and their approaches. Footnote 28 CTC participated in the process and proposed to build its own highway to connect Highway 401 to the Ambassador Bridge. Footnote 29 Other private sector companies interested in building new intersections directly connected to Highway 401, including the Detroit River Tunnel Partnership and the Mich-Can International Bridge Company, have also submitted cross-sectional and highway proposals to the JMC.

Footnote 30 82. Section 1121, entitled “Preconditions for Arbitration,” is a precondition for the formation of a valid agreement between the investor in question and the NAFTA stakeholder. In footnote 122 Article 1121, paragraphs 1 and 2, it says: 193. Mexico voted “in its entirety” with the Us 1128 filed in Merrill -Ring.Footnote 262 The United States repeated exactly the same position in its recent article 1128 non-contestant party submitted to the Bilcon court.