Cdj Rental Agreement

PAYMENT: The standard ProAV policy is to reserve devices for the customer by deducting 100% of the order amount to the customer`s credit card. Other payment methods and terms are subject to ProAV approval. The customer accepts a service fee of $25 USD for a returned check. Outstanding balances on the end date of the order are charged to the customer`s credit card. Outstanding balances may result from these or other events: extended rental time, damaged equipment, missing items, hours of work, or additional equipment added to work after the start date. The client agrees to pay all legal fees, attorneys` fees and all other collection costs related to returned cheques or outstanding balances. Below are the terms and conditions applicable to the rental of equipment and services from DJPeoples LLC. By accepting equipment and services provided under this agreement, the customer whose name appears on the contract accepts and accepts these general conditions of sale. AGENT: The customer may ask an agent over the age of 18 to act for the customer to retrieve, receive, deposit, install or operate devices. The customer undertakes to inform ProAV in writing/e-mail if he entrusts an agent with the collection or receipt of devices. The customer agrees to inform the agent of its responsibilities under this agreement, including, but not limited to, its availability in time, receipt of instructions, proper functioning of the equipment and the time of pick-up and / or return of the equipment. The use of an agent does not limit the customer`s responsibilities under this agreement.

LABOR COST: Labor cost for employment, if any, are estimates based on ProAV`s understanding of the event and job requirements. Labour costs may change if employment requirements differ from the original agreement. ASSIGNMENT: The Customer`s liability under this Agreement remains in the hands of the Customer in the event of subletting, subletting or assignment of the Device to another party. COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: ProAV does not support copyright infringements, including, but not limited to, the publicity and reproduction of copyrighted material. ProAV reserves the right to refuse to rent equipment if the customer is unable to provide adequate documentation for the use of copyrighted material. REFUNDS: Refunds are limited to the value of the rental properties included therein. The customer exempts ProAV from any liability or damage exceeding the rental amount in the event of equipment failure or unavailability. The customer is responsible for immediately informing ProAV`s technical support at 800.884.0653 of any equipment malfunction or related operating problems, so that a price adjustment can be considered….