China Greece Agreement

The agreements signed by the two countries this week cover sectors such as energy, education and agriculture, as well as the aviation and maritime industry. During Chinese President Xi Jinping`s visit to Athens, Greece and China signed 16 bilateral agreements that outline cooperation in a wide range of sectors. The agreement, which is part of 16 trade agreements between Greece and China, came during an official visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Athens on Monday. The 16 government and economic agreements signed on Monday between the two countries include sectors as diverse as delivery, agricultural exports, education, energy, the aviation industry and Cosco`s additional investments in Piraeus. That was in November 2008. President Hu Jintao travelled to Athens for a state visit to insist on further development of the strategic partnership of the whole of Greece. The visit coincided with the beginning of COSCO`s participation in the port of Piraeus. Hu Jintao and the first Costas Karamanlis oversaw the signing of an agreement granting the Chinese company a concession for the operation of two container terminals for a period of 35 years. At the time, no one else could have imagined that this investment would develop as a success for both countries, especially as a model for the presence of Chinese companies in Europe and the launch of the Belt and Road initiative. Eleven years later, the reality is told. The port of Piraeus is becoming a transshipment platform in the Mediterranean, turnover is constantly increasing, jobs are being created and the prospects are bright.

On Monday, the two countries signed 16 new bilateral agreements covering a “wide range of sectors,” with China wanting to “push a major global investment initiative within the European Union,” reports the Japanese English-language newspaper The Mainichi. The agreement, which has raised the largest number of eyebrows in Europe, concerns an investment of 600 million euros ($515 million) in the Greek seaport of Piraeus. The agreements also include the opening of a Bank of China in Athens, a representative of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Athens and an office of the China Development Bank. 1. Extradition contract for wanted persons 2. List of the main projects under the 2020-2022 cooperation framework 3. Memorandum of Understanding to promote cooperation between the Ministry of Development and Investment and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce 4th Protocol between the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and the Chinese Customs Tax Administration on the export of saffron 5. Protocol on the export of kiwis from Greece to China between the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and the General Administration of Customs of China 6. Memorandum of Understanding on Broadcasting, Electronics and Audiovisual between the General Secretariat for Communications and Information of Greece and the National Broadcasting Agency of China 7.