Cooperation Agreement On Partnership And Development Between The Eu And Afghanistan

6. The Parties recognise the importance of promoting regional economic development in accordance with Title VII of this Agreement. 2. The Parties agree to respect and fully comply with their respective obligations to combat illicit trafficking in arms, including their ammunition, under existing international conventions and resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, as well as their obligations under other relevant international instruments in this field, such as the United Nations Programme of Action for Prevention, the fight against and elimination of SalW trafficking in all its aspects. 1. The Parties shall encourage foreign direct investment by developing an attractive and stable investment environment. To that end, they may, where appropriate, engage in a coherent dialogue in order to improve investment understanding and cooperation, explore management mechanisms to facilitate investment flows and promote stable, transparent and supportive rules for investors. Capd will help Afghanistan to cooperate with the EU in areas such as the rule of law, village development, education, the fight against corruption, the fight against money laundering, the prevention of terrorist financing, the fight against organised crime and drug trafficking. (c) support capacity building and the development of the quality of teaching and learning, drawing on other relevant experiences they have gained in this field.

(a) ensure that gender issues are duly taken into account in all development strategies, policies and programmes, in particular in the areas of political participation, health and literacy; (f) improving coordination among parties to global challenges, including through the promotion of multilateral solutions; and 1. The Parties recognise the role and potential contribution of organised civil society, in particular academics, to the dialogue and cooperation process under this Agreement and agree to promote effective dialogue with and effective participation of civil society. 1. The Parties recognise that regional cooperation initiatives are necessary to restore Afghanistan`s status as a land bridge between Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East and to boost economic growth and political stability in the region. In view of this visual field, they agree to cooperate in the promotion of regional cooperation through measures that will strengthen the efforts of the Afghan Government, in particular the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Improved capacity will enable the government to play a greater role in the various regional organizations, processes and forums. Such cooperation may include capacity-building and confidence-building measures such as training programmes, workshops and seminars, exchanges of experts, studies and other measures agreed upon by the Parties. 4. Taking into account their respective economic policies and objectives and the promotion of trade, the Parties agree to promote cooperation with a view to the elimination of barriers to trade in the field of natural resources. EXPRESSING its full commitment to the promotion of sustainable development in all its dimensions, including aspects such as environmental protection, effective cooperation in the fight against climate change and the effective promotion and implementation of internationally recognized labour standards, N.

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