Ec Collective Agreement Signing

The work requires the design, design and conduct of statistical experiments by developing the appropriate statistical methodology, including consideration of the selection of experimental subjects and the ethics of research. You need to know the structure of the Division, its mandate, its programs and directions; The history and relationship between the Department and First Nations with respect to debt negotiation, contracts, agreements and other contracts and obligations, its management and administration, the strengths of relationships and tensions and the underlying causes, in order to identify and apply good practices in the current negotiations, to recognize and avoid circumstances and conditions that could limit the negotiation process or lead to agreements that may or may not be satisfied; The mandate, key interests and concerns of other agencies and government authorities; the current social/economic/political dynamics and circumstances of First Nations organizations in the geographic area that have claims against the government; Approaches and policies that guide provincial and territorial governments in the geographic area with respect to provincial/territorial jurisdiction and First Nations (such as education, social services, forestry, fishing, hunting, capture, natural resources and land ownership); and relevant sections of acts, laws and regulations governing the Government of Canada`s relationship with First Nations. When a worker opts for the extended parental leave option as part of the EI and begins after the signing of the collective agreement with the leave, he receives an additional allowance equal to 55.8% of his weekly salary for all the weeks during which he is on parental leave and receiving. It is necessary to analyze data collection, database structures, the structure and content of the data warehouse, as well as methods and procedures for processing, reviewing, compiling and presenting data, in order to make recommendations on the possible modification or replacement of this data to support research, studies and the production of personalized statistical reports.