Icd Loan Agreement

B. Borrowers have i.e._________ to “The Lender” for the granting of inter-company ace deposits. (roupies_ only for a period of days after the loan payment date. The parties hereafter state: 16.1 They have read the entire agreement and are bound by all conditions. 16.2 This agreement and other documents were explained to them in the language they understood and they understood the full meaning of all the clauses. 16.3 They agree that this agreement will be concluded at the time of the signing by the parties and that it will become legally binding. Interest is calculated on the basis of information provided on the website on the amount of the loan paid to the borrower (for greater clarity, if the lender partially fulfills the borrower`s commitment, interest would be calculated on its borrowed amount, as stated on the website). Preferred lenders of the EMI cheque are deposited into the account designated by the lender until the 7th of each calendar month or, if the 7 is a business day, it is deposited the next business day. (a) provide accurate and accurate information. b) to finance the amount accepted to the borrower. (c) maintain a sufficient balance in the bank`s account for the payment of a co-payment of the borrower`s loan amount. (d) the correct completion of all the conditions of imequability provided for in this loan agreement.

(e) Lenders undertake to compensate and oppose any claim, action, liability, cost, loss, damages incurred by i-lend in violation of the terms of use as well as laws, rules and regulations or agreements from time to time in force. i-lend ensures that the cheque collected by the lender on behalf of the borrower is deposited into the borrower`s account within 3 to 5 business days of the completion of this document, both by the lenders and by the borrowers. In the event of a delay in making money available to lenders due to unforeseen circumstances, i-lend the borrower immediately becomes intimate and the lender is made available an additional 5 business days for the deposit of his cheque to i-lend. In the event that the lender has not deposited the required cheque in the date of the date the offer was closed, as indicated above, i-lend will take the necessary steps to reach other interested lenders in order to offer the remaining amount to the borrower. However, the borrower may choose to take the amount offered or wait for the total amount of the loan to be made available. However, it may take an additional 3 to 10 business days to complete the loan transaction after the agreement is concluded, both by the lender and the borrower. Inter-corporate deposits or loan contract (a) To use the entire loan for required use. (b) immediately report any event or circumstances that may have caused a delayed broadcast period in the performance of this contract. c) provide accurate and accurate information. (d) to repay the necessary amount without error.

(e) maintain a balance in the holding bank`s account sufficient for the payment of CLC issued by the bank on the due date of a tranche and, subsequently, pay all post-born cheques. (f) the correct completion of all the conditions of the loan agreement. (g) The borrower undertakes to compensate and compensate claims, actions, liabilities, costs, losses, damages incurred by i-lend in violation of the terms of use, and laws, rules and regulations or agreements that oppose them from time to time. (h) the recovery costs incurred by the lender and borne by the borrower (i) the costs of opening a legal proceeding. The lender has agreed to give the loan to the borrower an amount of the order…/… (mention in words) in the event that the PDCs given in favour of the lender are not carried out or, in the event of a late payment by the borrower, i-lend is entitled to receive the fees/payments due on the funds received by the borrower in the following order: