Quincy College Articulation Agreements

The articulation agreement includes many Quincy College programs, such as: “John Wood is proud of our long-standing agreement with QU, which guarantees all courses that will be obtained seamlessly in an art degree or scientific transfer for students,” said Dr. Laurel Klinkenberg, JWCC Vice President for Teaching. These new agreements expand these opportunities and open up new avenues of study for students to pursue their priority in the CES supply chain and supply chain. For our education majors, who are completing their bachelor`s degree at QU, this agreement offers additional benefits by sketching out a specific plan to streamline the path to a four-year degree that will save time and money. Quincy College has agreements with many institutions in the Boston area. The three transfer programme agreements – agriculture, supply chain management and education – cover the employment needs of K-12 businesses and institutions in the region. Agribusiness The four-year JWCC transfer will offer courses that will be transferred to a Bachelor of Arts in general studies with a concentration in agribusiness at QU. Students who are new to LA JWCC will receive a two-year associate in Science in Agro-Economics, all of whose completed courses are accepted by the QU under a 2/2 articulation agreement signed by college officials. Dr. Michael Marrapodi, Dean of E-Learning and Inter-Institutional Affairs at Quincy College, added: “Northeastern University Lowell Institute School, part of the Professional College study, is in close harmony with Quincy College`s mission.

As an open access institution that promotes academic achievement and excellence, diversity, economic opportunity, community participation and lifelong learning, Quincy College looks forward to building valuable learning relationships and partnerships with local universities and universities to help our students realize their education and training future. This general articulation agreement supports all Quincy College majors who offer an optimized pathway to obtain a bachelor`s degree in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (MINT) and health. Under this agreement, quincy students must complete with a solid academic record to visit the Northeastern University College of Professional Studies. The specific articulation of the program will be developed this spring. Quincy, Ill. – John Wood Community College and quincy University will develop their partnership with new transfer agreements in two new areas of focus, and develop another in a long-standing major.