Tenant Not Vacating No Rental Agreement India

If there is no lease, it can only be treated as a home invasion. The appeal for you is to bring an eviction action against him, on the grounds that he is an intruder in your property. In addition, he can prove the lease by the behavior of the parties. When the premises he uses are of a commercial nature, in which he has received all the notifications addressed to him and where he has the registered office of his company, he can prove the rental agreement by conduct and circumstances, in which case he is entitled to the protection of the legislation on rent control. First try to talk to your tenants and clarify things with a few small compromises if necessary. Give them the opportunity to evacuate the rented premises before filing a case or taking other measures. But if it doesn`t work well, ask for legal help. 1) You can ask the tenant to conclude a 15-month vacation and license agreement, I am a landlord.in in 1987 I sued my tenant for evacuating my place and recovering my rent for not paying me rent. The trial is still ongoing and even in 1992 the court ordered my tenant to pay rs.15000, but he did not claim pay.my tenant for the standard rent Since 1998, the court again ordered that he pay the standard rent to the court, but he again ignored the payment. In 2007, my place as a tenant was demolished by the company because this place moved to the street and the company gave it a replacement place in the name of this rented place.

The trial is still ongoing. Can this case be closed or closed? What do I do? Can I build a new building there? Please, I need your help. Landlord and tenant laws in India are archaic. The national government encourages local units to relax these laws to encourage investment in housing and construction. How quickly India will abolish its old system is highly questionable. The Maharashtra Rent Act 1999, for example, is somewhat more favourable to landlords than the Bombay Rent Control Act 1947, but still does not sufficiently protect the rights of owners….