We Transfer Data Processing Agreement

Not all data exports are made between a manager and a subcontractor – some transfers are made to another processing manager or between common processing managers, and some transfers can be made for both processing and the person responsible for the shared use and transfer of personal data by the subcontractor. 9.2 Transfer of personal data from the EEA to the United States. Processor`s U.S.-based subsidiary is certified in the EU-U.S. and Switzerland itself and corresponds to it. Privacy Shield Frameworks, as managed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, and processors must match the U.S. and EU and US. Privacy Shield Frameworks regarding the processing of personal data transferred from the EEA and/or Switzerland to the United States. This statement includes processing activities for WeTransfer services, software, websites (including browser extensions) and/or applications (together: “services”). The services allow you to create, share, collect, capture and/or view your ideas, texts, graphics, videos, data, information, files, bridges or other content (together: “Content”). Services can be made available online in the form of a mobile and/or desktop application and/or integrated into a third-party service. By using one of the services, you agree to have read and understood our privacy and cookie statement as follows.

From day one, WeTransfer has been responsible for the privacy and respect of our users. Protecting our users` data is of paramount importance to us and we strive to keep it safe. In each scenario, the parties should understand and record the underlying personal data that is transferred in order to know their own responsibilities and the responsibilities of the third party concerned that are expressed in the transfer agreement. the transfer of personal data from the company by a contract subcontractor to a subcontractor or between two branches of a commercial subcontractor, at least where such transmission would be prohibited by data protection legislation (or by the conditions of data transfer agreements put in place to impose restrictions on data protection); The RGPD applies to all entities and persons established in the EU, as well as to entities and individuals, whether established in the EU or not, who deal with the personal data of EU persons. The uploader or creator is responsible for the legitimacy of the content and must respect our terms of use, WeTransfer only processes them to provide its services. If you download, send or create personal data through one of our Services, you can request a data processing agreement by sending an email to legal@wetransfer.com. This data processing agreement is adapted by the DPA De ProtonMail which is on this page. Organizations can use the following document as part of their compliance with the RGPD. This data processing agreement (“DPA”) is part of contentSquare`s Terms of Use and all terms of use you have signed to the customer (as defined in the agreement) (together “you,” “your,” “customer”) and ContentSquare SAS Master Service Agreement (“Convention”).