What Is Agreement Poetry

We do not accept poetry published elsewhere. We only acquire the first rights. Do not pass on work unless it is unpublished. You and all the poets I know do more for poetry than to write poems. We write reviews, or we do reading series, radio shows, or we write blogs like this, which I write to you now, or that we read, even if we are afraid to talk to people or edit magazines that make little effort to read and touch anthologies that everyone wants to attack. The mantis in prayer on the porch is not as disturbing as it is surprising. And a little drunk, I`m happy to stand on your porch and watch this little green animal – not fallen in these days, but bent grass, a cute pipe when we put our lips on it, arranged at the corner of our evening, turned to pose for my camera. His face is beautiful, mean, like you. His face, my God! The ancient religion of colored capsules, sponge dinosaurs bloom when they are left in a glass of water. Before, I performed it under the hot faucet to speed it up. Well, I`d go back.

I`d drop her into a glass and watch her long necks undress. I would have you with me in an oversized T-shirt to be in the clock. To know the silent measure of a sponge that has grown, whatever it is, you must love me that way. Calm down and something else. (If, for some reason, you have to recover all the rights to your poetry – z.B. you need a print publishing house – you can contact us and we will usually have your works completely removed from our website and archives.) Jericho Brown`s first book, Please (New Issues, 2008), won the American book award, and his second book, The New Testament (Copper Canyon, 2014), was voted by the Library Journal as one of the best poetry collections of the year and received the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award. His third collection, The Tradition (Copper Canyon, 2019), won the Pulitzer Prize… “Reading for yourself and not living on Gilbert or Emanuel To take such shortcuts, you will buy more effort than you have negotiated for yourself, ask yourself the right questions, the answers will not serve alone, look for what holds the strings together, choose “Meat Path to find the bone Only if you know the symptoms you can then do healing.” Quoth the teacher, more and more – When he left the door, we are different from other artists. The poet not only cares about her poetry, but also about making poetry itself a better home for poets or making poetry known to those who have not experienced their power.